Inferno Festival is pleased and honored to present to you not less than three exhibitions held at the heart of the festival in the area of Sévelin!



Skatepark - Friday,  June 27  (17:00-21:00) - Saturday,  June 28  (14:00-21:00) -  Free entrance!


Known worldwide for having created the sets and the creature of the Alien movie saga,

H.R GIGER has recently left us. It is with a particular emotion that we present,

in collaboration with the HR Giger Museum, some of his works.

HR Giger fascinates by the strength of his illustrations, by his sweet morbid,

striking and disturbing poetry. His art presents a biomecanical universe ironically

emotional and sensual, a world where human beings have not completely disappeared.

He is undoubtedly the most inspiring and influential artist in the scene!




Théâtre Sévelin 36 - Friday,  June 27  (19:30-23:00) - Saturday,  June 28  (16:00-23:00) -  Free entrance!


We are also pleased to welcome the graphic work of a musician you will be able to listen to on Friday, June 27:

MARIO DUPLANTIER, drummer of Gojira!


While touring around the world with his band, he takes advantage of the long bus trips to give free rein to his pictorial creativity.

Like automatic writing, Mario invents almost unintendedly surrealist scenes, hybrid characters,

weird animals that tell moving, strange or sometimes even disturbing stories...


As rough as delicate, his creations will be exhibited in the form of limited and signed digigraphies.

Some works are even realized on drumheads!




Skatepark - Friday,  June 27  (17:00-21:00) - Saturday,  June 28  (14:00-21:00) -  Free entrance!



Finally, GRAPHIC NOISE, the first gallery to represent artists whose work is related to the metal scene 

but who also have a talent and expressive power that gives them a universal significance in the art world.

You will have the opportunity to view the newly released works of an incredible list of artists!


You probably know some of them already as they are related to cult album sleeves...